Pc dmis freezed and cant click anything

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  • Pc dmis freezed and cant click anything

    hello guys

    i was trying to load a program and quickly selected play , but if frozed and even after shutting the task down and restarting the pc the moment i load a program and press play it freezes right away and anything i click on the interface freezes too , but when i log out and try a session of a colleague it works just fine , please tell me how solve this bug

    ps : its pc dmis 2017r1

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    If the system works with a different user but not yours, I suspect the issue is with your computer, and not so much with PC-Dmis.


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      you can try deleting your user dat files to see if it helps:
      C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\2017 R1

      you can start with just executebarstate.dat to see you can then execute. If not the next would be gbarstate.dat.


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        i have solved the issue thank god ,first i have dragged the tool bar manager to the side to be able to see the execution window then what i did is that i have pressed the valid button on the joystick nd the probe moved and displayed the order to take a point then boom managed to cancel the task and everything went back normal


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          "PC dmis Freezed and cant Click anything"

          and this is different from any other day?


          What's the specs on your PC?

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