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  • Circular Plane

    I want to measure a plane in a circular motion of a known diameter. I am using PC DMIS CAD++ 2011. Is this possible?!

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    Auto feature plane allows creating circular planes. Just select "radial" in the auto plane, enter the radius, and select only 1 row. Select also circular moves.
    You can also use vector points with a copy / paste with pattern. Be carefull to moves between hits in this case.


    • AAP_CMM
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      i have no way to select the radius

    • RandomJerk
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      AAP_CMM You don't select the radius, you enter it under "Spacer", one of the tabs at the bottom.

    • JEFMAN
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      AAP_CMM : are you in dcc mode ?
      Did you look at the excellent post of AndersI below ?

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    Autoplane, Select "Radial" under "Pattern", make sure the "Void detect" button is not pressed, set your number of rows, number of hits, and "Spacer".

    Note that in that old version the "Spacer" distance will be used both for distance from center to first ring, distance between hits, and distance between rings. In newer versions there's the more flexible "TTP plane circle" strategy where (among other things) those distances are separated.

    SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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      Another way is to go INSERT - SCAN - CIRCLE then select TYPE plane enter the nominals as required this option allows full contact or single hits.


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        Or set your origin to the center of your circle, use polar radius/ polar angle to enter point coordinates and then construct a plane


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