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  • General Questions-Cad and Cyl/cones

    Good morning all. Wanted just to ask a couple of general questions.

    1 - If you build a program using cad with 99.9% general features circle, points and planes with a couple of scans do you have to keep the model or can I delete it. Seems to slows my computer with a model attached.

    2 - We just changed versions a few months ago and was noticing the I cannot get the starting and ending of a cone & cylinder to work correctly. My version is 2016.0 Release Service pack 10 anyone having this problem.

    Thanks in advance and WAR EAGLE.

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    1) If the scans are set to MASTER, you don't need the CAD for what you're describing. Rather than delete it, though, I'd just rename the .CAD file, all you have to do is add a character and it won't show up with the program. Delete the character, you can bring it right back. If you create a program called TEST, for example, at the very least you have TEST.PRG and TEST.CAD (if you import CAD). Change TEST.CAD to TEST1.CAD, it won't open with the program. Remove the 1, it will next time.

    2) Do you have void detection turned on? Turn it off.


    • AuRules
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      Editing a comment
      Thanks to the first question response and on the second question I will look for it and check.

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