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    Is there a probe setter that can be bought. I have a TIGO SF and need to set me star probes. I have looked on the HEX MAF. site and have not been able to locate anything that will help me properly set my stylus to ensure they are square.

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    I don't know about a setter, but isn't visual alignment against the datum sphere enough? Assuming you have the same tip size left and right, position the rightmost tip in front of the sphere, as close you can without touching, lock the CMM axis that would move the tip closer to the sphere, move up, right, down, so the leftmost tip is in the same position in front of the sphere. If not square, rotate the star half the visible diff and redo from start.
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    • Ray Harvey
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      I've tried this and the problem is that when I have to adjust, I have to take off and loosen, adjust retighten and then put on probe, bring closer to sphere and try to ensure that they are aligned properly. This causes issues with productivity.... And no, both tips were not the same size, however that's not that big of an issue...
      Thanks for the feedback

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      I checked with the guys at our measuring center, and unfortunately they had no better idea :-(

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    When I aligned the star probe, I had two long probes, same size, same length on opposite ends (so in only one axis) tightened to the knuckle. I put two standoffs on the plate in the same axis. I had the star bolt slightly loosened. I move the probe so the shafts of the stylus would bump against both standoffs to "square" them to the table. At that point, I then tightened the star up and double checked the squareness against the standoff locations. Knowing that the star was square, then I built the probe as I needed.
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