Urgent !! parameter out of tolerance error

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  • Urgent !! parameter out of tolerance error

    hey guys

    We have installed pc dmis 2017r1 on a pc that was formated , but we had saved all the part programs before doing it , now after running the program and importing the programs and after adding the probe and the angles , pc dmis displays an error after the first plane hit (parameter out of tolerance)

    ps : the previous pc dmis was 2016 can that be the issue
    we have a dea global cmm machine , renishaw styli pribe (magnetic)

    thank you

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    Check and make sure DCC mode is in the right place. I've seen that before. One of my operators was trying to bypass the manual alignment and put DCC in an odd place and it threw out that type error. Outside of that, shut it completely down and restart.


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      Check that all speeds are correct - you might get that message by asking for a transport at too high speed (or measuring at zero speed...).
      SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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        I had an issue in the past with a different machine in a different place that was caused by an incorrect speed (as AndersI noted above). Make sure the speed in the setup window (F5) is correct for your controller AND is correct in the program. There's a distinct possibility you were previously using absolute speeds, generally in the 250mm/sec range, but the update changed it back to relative speed. Problem is, it's the same command, so if you are in relative speed (a percentage), but the MOVESPEED parameter is 250, it pukes you out.


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          MANUAL or DCC ? Post some code...


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            I've seen that error many times and it is usually when the program has move points instead of using clear planes or the part is not set up in the proper location to allow the probe to move around the preset distances. Most of the programs I'm running were made using move points and retracting tips like 12" away from the parts is not uncommon for me. If none of the above suggestions work try checking the move points and ensure your set up is correct.


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