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  • Calibration PR VALUES

    Good morning,

    Does anyone knows what means the PR values in a calibration? If yes, does it have influence over the standard deviation values? Sometimes in our factory we have big values in PR and the std dv is out of tolerance but we don't know what we can do to adjust the values in PR.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I would say it's a polar radius deviation.
    Do you use a basic script to obtain this result.
    As you're using a "PRB 01 CHECK", maybe this result is not a calibration, but only a checking values, so the PR would be the difference between the actual position of the sphere measured with this probe, and where the sphere is really ( location in the tool.dat)


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      PR values are used for CW43/PHS1 wrists. If you're using this on an indexing head it serves no purpose to my knowledge.
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        Thanks. It's what i thougth. Doesn't have any impostance.


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