Multi-part program + exporting to Datapage

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  • Multi-part program + exporting to Datapage

    Looking for help please!!!

    I have been tasked with implementing an SPC process on a group of parts.

    I was thinking of creating a "KC program" in which I have 4 of the same part located on a fixture.

    The issue I have is I want to be able to send the individual data of each component to Datapage in order to monitor the SPC.

    Obviously I is a bit of a mind field due the fact I need to have all the trace fields completed so that Datapage can read the information.

    Instead of using the Stats transfer we have an external command that sends the data to a holding area and then Dataimporter extracts that information and inputs int the Datapage database, see below.

    Annotation 2019-05-25 064015.jpg

    If anyone could help or even know if this is possible it would be much appreciated.

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