Y axis undervoltage error

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  • Y axis undervoltage error

    Good morning all,

    I have submitted a ticket to Hex (paragraph below) but I am curious if anyone on here has seen this happen before. None of our proven programs will run without a manual setup on this machine now.

    We were measuring parts that we have been measuring for a long time on a machine. It hung up on a cast sphere on the part (just clipped in the circular rotation no hard crash) and I tried re running the sphere slow. It took 3 hits in the sphere and jerked up (in Z) and back (in Y) about 6 inches. The machine then gave me a "Y Axis Under voltage error". I did not get the error code because I shut the machine down and restarted everything hoping this would fix it. When I restarted it, I noticed it went down exceedingly far in Z when homing out but came back up to its normal height. After it finished homing out I sent it to go change probes at the probe rack and it hit the head into the probe rack. I re calibrated the probe rack and all the probes changed fine after this. I went to run the part we have been running for a long time and it acts like it needed a manual setup (came way to far down in Z for the first hit and missed the part). I ran the opposite hand of the same program and it did the same thing. Somehow this error seemed to throw out our Z coordinate system about 6 inches (seems to be about the same distance that it jerked away from the part). This seems to be the case with all of our proven programs on this machine now. This machines runs almost all of our programs at least once a day.

    If anyone has any insight on what may have caused this or how I can fix it (without manually setting up all of my proven programs again) please let me know.

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    Hexagon should be able to take care of this.
    they'll either:
    1. remote into your machine and adjust the parameters for the sensors
    2. send someone out to change out a sensor in the machine.

    It's a hardware issue and not much we can do on our end. Need to hound Hexagon and your local rep for service.

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    • HxSwartwood
      HxSwartwood commented
      Editing a comment
      I was curious if anyone on here has ever had this happen to them. Our tech has contacted me today and a tech is going to be scheduled.

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    I understand that I am raising an old topic, but last week I went to work after the weekend, when I turned on my cmm, I got an error X axis undervoltage error.
    Usually on weekends we turn off the cmm, turn off the air at the compressor and block the total air from the pipe to the compressor.
    It was experimentally found that if you turn on the air supply to the compressor and from the compressor to the cmm, but do not turn on the cmm itself and leave it like this for an hour, the error disappears and the cmm starts to work.
    I have no idea how this is interconnected, and I can’t guarantee it. what is the solution to the problem. But I have like this


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