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  • Part Alignment setup

    I regularly have the following problem:

    I have a gauge to set up for calibration, but I have no gauge model. I do have a model of a part that is used on that gauge, and so can reverse engineer the gauge based on the part.

    That said, sometimes the gauge itself does not present the best features to do an initial alignment. However, it does have either tooling balls at specified coordinates, scribed circles, or cylinders.

    I can get center points off of these and on the screen they're in the right location compared to where the part would sit on the gauge.

    This is where I hit a snag. When I go to measure the points, the actual physical position is way off.

    I know I'm missing something simple that I've just forgotten from having not have dealt with this for a few months, and it's driving me crazy. Can someone tell me what that step is?

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    Post code.

    Are you doing a manual alignment? Read point alignment? Most likely stems from an alignment issue.

    Do you have a print of the gage to measure against?


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