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    I have attached an image. Is it valid to call out a position to this DRF [Ø|.005|A|B]? Translation along the cylinder axis direction is not locked.

    When can/can't you define a DRF without all 6 DOF locked down? I am seeing this often.

    AB DRF.png

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    Yes, you don't need all 6 dof constrained to locate tolerance of position. you only need 5. the location would be relative to the midpoint/centroid of the feature of size if it is the undefined 6th degree, or not relevant at all, in the case if A was perp to B.

    controlling alignment would be Level & origin Z to A, no rotate. Origin XY to B centroid.
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    • JacobCheverie
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      Thanks louisd !

    • AndersI
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      Shouldn't the X origin be a best fit, translate in X only, on the dimensioned features?

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