labels won't sjow up on model

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  • labels won't sjow up on model


    My question is i always make a custom report with dimension labels showing deviation on cad model in report. To do that i mark my program then select the dimensions i took for that particular view- cut and undo them and they show up on CAD model. Then i can adjust those dimensions manually however i want and take screen capture and it shows up on report. But now i am on another computer and pcdmic 2015.1 and if i follow the same process my dimension label don't show up on cad - sometimes few of them and sometimes none at all. Any one know if this is some bug or am i doing something wrong. SORRY for dumb question i am not a trained cmm programmer i was placed to cover someone else but i am trying and have leaned a alot in past few weeks. THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    place the cursor on the feature you need in the Edit window. right click. hover over "feature". Pick "highlight in CAD"


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