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    We are in the process of switching over from 2016 to 2018 and having issues with our first alignment. For some reason when the probe comes down to take hits on the first plane its missing the part. The same program works fine in 2016 and I cannot figure out what is going on. Thank you in advance for any help/

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    Need a lot more info!!
    Are you doing a manual alignment first?
    Read point alignment?


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      As Bill said above, we need a lot more info. Is the correct probe selected? Did you transfer your settings? Are all the permissions set correctly?


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        we use an external alignment on all of our parts. Yes its the right probe. Like I said the programs run fine in 2016 but not 2018. All of are settings are correct.


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          What's the external alignment generated from?

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        we created a manual alignment for the front left corner of the table.


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          Originally posted by ski13 View Post
          ..... when the probe comes down to take hits on the first plane its missing the part. .../
          Missing vertically, like stopping shirt of the surface?
          Missing horizontally, like the part has moved?

          "it depends on the definition of "is" " (Bill Clinton)


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            Open your external alignment program (i.e the program which creates the external alignment) and re-execute in PC-Dmis V2018 to update the .ALN file (check file date and time). Simply copying the V2016 .ALN files across doesn't always carry across correctly.

            We have seen similar problems when updating from V2012 to V2016, yet didn't encounter problems when going from V2016 to V2018.

            Hope this is of some use !


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