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  • multiple Qual sphere's

    Is it possible to use the master probe to find 2 qualification spheres, then run a calibration on all the different angles and tips even tho they are calibrated to one or the other sphere? Or is the only way to get them to relate properly is to use master probe, find one qual sphere, calibrate all tips and angles that need that sphere, then master probe find Qual sphere #2, calibrate the remaining tips and angles that need that sphere.
    we currently use a single 1" qual sphere for most of our tips, then switch to a .750" dual sphere to calibrate the star probe. I was thinking we could use the .750" 2 ball to do all our tips but -B angles would have to go to one side and the +B angles would have to go to the other side, I know I can set groups of angles to each sphere, but every time we add a new angle or delete one, the group gets dropped from the Auto calibration command and it defaults to "all tips and angles"

    I was thinking I could use the master probe to find both spheres, then load up a probe, use auto calibrate with one group then auto calibrate with the second group. the spheres would not have moved so I'm thinking it's plausible.
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    Howdy Mr. Not Cooper, (If that's who you really are! )

    Dual sphere qualification artifacts for star probes used to de rigour. Of course that's two smallish balls on a single stick, usually at 45° to the table. I suppose you might try building a fakish tool claiming the stick was parallel to the table. The danger here if you try A90 or A-90 tips on this setup the demon won't be expecting the vector 1,0,0 stems directly under each sphere, as it will expect the sphere to be supported by the pretend stick. And of course the demon would be skipping over the compass point it thinks is occupied by the pretend stick connecting the two spheres. Those caveats aside it ought to be possible to then use both spheres as a single artifact by just searching the help menus or the forums for the method of qualifying star probes on a dual sphere artifact. I know I and others have exhaustively documented the process more than once. It's not difficult, you just need to read and follow the instructions now that I have told you they exist and pointed you in the correct direction to look for them.

    HTH (Hope This Helps)

    Hint: Scroll down and look at the 'related posts' this thread title automatically pulled up for a start.

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      Thank you, we do most of our tips on a single sphere, and only the star probe on the dual sphere, we are just tossing around the idea of using a single tool(I.e. the 2 ball) so we can run out autocalibrate program uninterrupted. I was thinking if we have the spheres parallel to the X axis then we can separate the angles by -B and B angles each to the appropriate side to avoid the center post. I know how to assign tips to groups so that's not a big deal, I was just wondering if I could use the master first to find both spheres as individual tools, then since they haven't moved, just run each tip, first group 1(left side) then group 2(right side). And yep I'm not cooper

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