PDF Report and report window Appending when I don't want it to

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  • PDF Report and report window Appending when I don't want it to

    I hope there is a simple solution for this. I tried searching the forum but found nothing related.

    Here is my scenario:
    The CMM operator runs the part and there are various errors. Some of them look like errors in programming. I take the PRG file offline to work on it and try to find my errors. Let's say there is a weird or backward vector that is causing the problem. I locate and fix the problem and then I execute from the bottom of my program (Ctrl-U) where the measurement ends and the analysis starts. Every time I do this my report just appends even though I have that option turned off. I begin with a report that is only 2 pages and end up with a ginormous report of 34 pages or more depending on how many times I execute. This happens with both the saved pdf report and the on screen report window.

    How do I prevent this??

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    Are you using a print command?


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      No I am not. I am using the File - Printing - Report Window Print Setup... and then the pdf option. But even if that is turned off the report window is still appending.


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        Open the Settings Editor and search for an entry called "ClearExecutionListPriorToProgramExecution" and set the value to "1." Save then exit.
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          That worked!!! Thanks!


          • Trevor McLaughlin
            Trevor McLaughlin commented
            Editing a comment
            No problem. I've seen this problem a few times over the years.

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