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    Release Notes - 2018 R1 SP8
    •PCD-147121 -Fixed an issue where the Pointcloud Point Colormap showed
    or hid the points and text based on whether you marked the Always visible
    check box on the OpenGL tab in the CAD and Graphic Setup dialog box.
    When you clear the Always visible check box, the Point Colormap points and
    text only appear if they appear in the current view.
    •PCD-149319 - Fixed an issue where the Text and CAD
    (TEXTANDCAD.RTP)template was broken because the SIMUL_LABEL.LBL file was missing
    from the installer.
    •PCD-150141 - Fixed an issue of Quick Scan where a TTP probe created a
    defined scan. Now, Quick Scan with a TTP probe creates a Normal execution
    mode scan.
    •PCD-150993 - Fixed an issue in the Point Nominal Deviation
    dialog box when there was a part setup transformation. The
    vectors drawn in the Graphic Display window were disconnected from the CAD part.
    •PCD-152485 - Fix an issue where the Optimize Path Workflow dialog box stopped responding.
    •PCD-154084 - Fixed an issue where the selection of the Pointcloud Colormap
    did not remember the Use Dimension Color Scale option.
    •PCD-155564 - Fixed an issue where the offset value did not appear in the Line Offsets
    dialog box when F9 was pressed on the command.
    •PCD-157075 -
    Fixed a crash that occurred when the Status window was
    enlarged greater than the Graphic Display window with a Pointcloud Surface
    Colormap scale.
    •PCD-157142 - Fixed an issue that was seen when you edited a legacy
    dimension and the referenced adaptive scan child features were not marked
    in the legacy dimension dialog box.
    •PCD-157396 - Fixed an issue where incorrect conversion happened in the
    Laser feature dialog boxes. This used to happen when you inserted standard
    deviation multiplier values for measurement routines in the Inch unit.
    •PCD-158032 - Fixed an issue with the TS/I++ PC-DMIS configuration where a
    dialog box with the wrist rotation appeared when it wasn't necessary (even
    without a wrist).
    •PCD-158727 - Fixed an issue where continuous scanning did not work when
    you used an AT901 Tracker.
    •PCD-160827 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you loaded and executed a
    measurement routine with DIMINFO commands inside a loop.
    •PCD-160894 - Fixed an issue where Vision Auto Features, such as circles and
    lines with manual targets, had the crosshair shrink and disappear as the
    rotary angle went to 90 degrees.
    •PCD-161285 - Fixed an issue where measured features could be added to a
    measurement routine that ran in Protected Mode (or Inspect) after you took
    hits and pressed the Done button on the jog box.
    •PCD-161286 - Fixed an issue where tip changes could be added to a
    measurement routine that ran in Protected Mode (or Inspect) through
    machine usage.
    •PCD-161412 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you clicked the Measure button in the
    Probe Utilities dialog box for the calibration of a CMS probe.
    This issue occurred only in Online mode with FDC dual-arm controls and the
    probe was marked for Arm2.
    •PCD-161655 - Fixed an issue where if you pressed the stop button after a
    collision on arm2, it was not possible to continue the execution.
    •PCD-162469 - Fixed an issue where I++ server didn't report the X and I values
    for PtMeas.
    •PCD-162476 - Fixed a crash that occurred after you deleted a work plane and
    updated all dimensions.
    •PCD-163829 - Fixed an occasional crash where probe toolbox appeared when
    you opened a measurement routine.
    •PCD-165488 - Fixed an issue where licensing registry searches didn't
    properly check whether the HASP license existed or not.
    •Changes were made to improve the user experience based on feedback
    collected from recent releases