Cone Projection Flipped Round 2

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  • Cone Projection Flipped Round 2

    My last post was more about abstract concept...this time I'll post exactly the specific situation and see if I can be made to understand.

    C_08 in the image is a cone that should be projecting into the part, not out. Vectors etc are all correct.
    C_08_PLN is an autoplane that is the surface of the part, perpendicular to the cone.
    Not pictured is an offset plane (5mm) inside the part that is constructed from C_08_PLN
    C_08_DIAM_CIR is a constructed circle where the offset plane intersects cone C_08.

    What we are trying to do is measure the diameter of the cone at a depth of 5mm by dimensioning the DF of C_08_DIAM_CIR.
    Since my cone is flipped and projecting out of the part, I need to know if my DF will be correct, or if it will be reversed, that is to say, reporting the diameter of the cone at +5mm and not -5mm. I have 20 cones on this part all set up the same way, but 4 of them show projecting out of the part, and I need to know if this will affect my reporting or is it just a cosmetic issue and the setup is actually working correctly.

    Thanks in advance
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    Have you tried to re-generate the hits on your cones ? If all the vectors are correct they really should all face the same direction. Do the THEO and ACTUAL numbers match each other ?


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