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  • building probes with Probe Utility Builder

    So after much headache I've came to the realization that if you create a new file under the Probe Builder named (USRPROBE.dat)
    It will magically recall your probe after making it.
    Found this in a 2006 post. Thank you to whomever wrote that!
    My issue now is on my offline seat after building it, i am tryng to measure it to A0B0 but
    it keeps prompting me saying "out of memory"
    Any suggestions? I have plenty of memory!
    On my online 2013MR1 license when i build it
    It sets the A0B0 to a "ball" instead of a disc.
    Even though in the builder menu i built it as a disc.
    How can i switch this.
    or better yet why in the world would it switch to ball when i made it from a disc?

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    Try creating new with different name.
    sigpicSummer Time. Gotta Love it!


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      I got the online seat working but my offline is still jacked up
      When I build a probe or even try to edit an existing one and try to measure the tips
      It's says "out of memory"
      idk what I've done now but i'ts saying "Attempted to access an unamed file past it's end"
      anytime i try to measure any angle.


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        I clicked on the "Global Used " accidently while trying to resolve the issue and idk if that had a part.
        I dont even know what global used does or means


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          It sounds like an issue with a corrupt probe file. I would try what was recommend above. Create a new probe entry with a different name. The "out of memory" error happens when trying to calibrate the probe? Possible your tool.dat file has been corrupted. Rename your existing file and define a new item during calibration.

          The Global Used button searches for tips used in other part programs by the currently active probe file. It then adds them to the Active Tip List and marks them for calibration.

          By default, this button searches through any part program subdirectories. You can control whether or not this searches these subdirectories by using the Include subdirectories in global used search check box in the Probe Setup dialog box.


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            Thank you for breaking that down into English for me.
            That dang help menu is not much help for me.
            It’s like calling an automated service, very frustrating!
            Thanks again.
            I’m off work now but first chance I get I’m going to delete the probe.dat file and put the one from our other machine on there.
            hopefully it will resolve it.
            No matter what probe I choose now it won’t let me calibrate any angles at all.
            maybe this will be a quick fix.


            • rjurca
              rjurca commented
              Editing a comment
              The probe.dat file is probably not the issue, it is a simple text file. Most likely it is the actual prb file, cw43.prb for example. The other possible item is tool.dat in C:\ProgramData\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\2018 R2 for example. It contains the data for your calibration spheres. It is a binary file so maybe it is corrupt.

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            K thank you, I will definitely be careful which one I


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