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    Good morning gentlemen,

    I have an issue that i am hoping someone here can help me solve. We recently retro-fit 2 of our existing CMM machines to a Wenzel eagle pro interface using the Eagle pantec joystick and the read position option in PcDmis (2018 rev-2) is not working. when we try to use it makes a slight clicking noise then opens about ten windows then locks up. I have reached out to Wilcox, Wenzel and Pantec without any replies.

    any advice or replies would be greatly appreciated!


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    I don't know that I have any answers for you , but more questions. I am not familiar with the Wenzel Eagle Pro Interface.

    What was your system before that retro-fit?
    What was your PC-DMIS License/Interface set to? Did you change it to correspond to the retrofit?
    Did you use ReadPoint without issues before the retrofit?
    Out of curiosity, does ctrl-M work for you to store a Move Point?


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      Who did the retrofit? Maybe contact them? Did earlier versions of PCDMIS work? What changes did you make before this started?


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