Seriously? Too much time spent on this workaround...

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  • Seriously? Too much time spent on this workaround...



    So I have a scan without it being a feature. This is doomed for failure. Unless...

    So I can't show you, can't copy the text because of the ENDGROUP, can't do a screenshot coz of some file size limit that I read about but don't care enough to look into. What I tried was creating an autofeature after the group, no help. Then a measured feature so I could get the ENDMEAS/ line. Still nothing. The only way I can add more scans is to change the group parameter to SHOWALLPARAMS=YES

    Now I can add more scans.

    Too much time spent figuring this one out, unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    EDIT: For clarification, it won't let me create any scans outside the group unless I show everything in the group.

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    Report it.
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o23.1


    • JEFMAN
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      Maybe it will be fixed in the SP15 ?

    • BKulpa
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      I've seen this type of behavior too often.
      The Demon loves to disjoint alignments that are near the beginning and end of groups!

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    I first encountered this bug with v2012: combining advanced scans with groups can occasionally result in this strange situation where the "outer wrapper" of the advanced scan - the first line(s) and last line(s) -becomes hidden underneath the code preceding and following the scan.

    it is an intermittent issue not easily duplicated, but it made me quit using Groups completely and forever.

    It can get even worse with entire Movepoints being hidden under overlapping edit window code.

    The solution is to brute-force delete everything in that region of the program. You should get a message like, 'Some hidden crap will be deleted as well, OK?" and you click Heck Yes and delete it. Then delete the groups and never use them again, especially in a program with scans.


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      Sorry to bump an older thread but...
      I was having the same issue with v2015.0
      as RandomJerk said a quick right click / expand all alleviated the symptoms


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