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    I believe there is a 25mmX1.5mm disc in the list. If that is the case, just add an additional 10mm extension to the build. PC-DMIS doesn't really care about the specific extensions and lengths as long as the end product provides the right total length. I have one currently that is a 55 mm length that is listed as a 1mmx30mm+10 mmext. + 5 mm ext. It works just fine. Also, is it a 3mm thread? If so it will need a convert to 2mm connector. At least after that addition you will find the variety of disc probes ion the category you are looking at. Hope this helps.
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      You can also do a custom probe build. I have done this as well and it works great for odd sizes. Go to Edit/Preferences/Probe builder utility. You can find guidelines o how to in the help file. This should work well for your needs.


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        you need to use the custom probe builder in there you can make any probe you want you can even upload step files of the probes and do it that way


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          Typically what I do, instead of reinventing the wheel with the custom probe builder, is go into the probe.dat file via notepad, find a similar probe file (like the 12.7BY31MMDISK) copy/paste it with your new probe name, then append the sizes to suit exactly what you ordered. Obviously, you'll need a bit of training on what value is what, but the help file within pcdmis is quite clear on this method.
          Search "Editing the usrprobe.dat Data File" for the deets.


          • louisd
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            depends on your version, but either
            C:\Program Files\Hexagon\PC-DMIS (your version)\
            C:\Program Files (x86)\WAI\PC-DMIS (your version)\

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          There's no such thing as "Probe Builder Utility" in Edit>Preferences>...

          God I hate Hexagon.


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            Depending on your license it may not be there. There is no mention of the pc-dmis version being used. This is a snap of 2018R1.

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            • UseAsIs
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              Yes, Hexagon confirmed that this is only available with CAD++ license earlier today. Dangit.

              I am getting pretty cozy with the usrprobe.dat file though, so that's cool

            • AndersI
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              This document might help (if you don't already have it):

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