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  • Lower Matrix Issues

    Has anyone encountered an issue where the probe changer need to be re calibrated after performing a lower matrix calibration? Also, I am using my S_5x50 for my lower matrix as well as my master probe(A0B0) When I call up my S_2x40 it wanted to change probe heads. Not sure why being that it had the correct probe head. (This is when I discovered my changed was off about 10-15mm in +Z.) Bring that it would have crashed I did not allow it to finish the process so I am unsure as to what it was trying to do. Any help would be appreciated

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    Not sure i fully understand what you're actually asking but you should not be doing a lower level matrix very often. Further, yes if you do a Lower Matrix then you HAVE to go back and recalibrate every tip of every probe you use. the lower matrix blows out any calibrations and starts fresh.

    your lower matrix should only be done when the machine gets a re-cal or if you have a SEVERE crash. Also, you should be using something like a 5x20 for your lower matrix. you want there to be absolutely no chance of probe flex. You should also only do it with one probe and tip angle.

    you best bet is going back and re-doing the lower matrix and then re-cal every probe and tip angle.


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