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    I have been adding pictures to my comments for years now show the setup I'm describing. When I changed jobs a few months ago I found they didn't and I started adding them, but on two of our three CMM's (all with PCD v2015) after closing the program the pictures don't show up the next time you open the program. The path to the pictures are still there and you can re-locate them and get them to work for the one run, but the next time you open the program the pictures don't show. Any ideas?
    DeWain Hodge

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    Are the pictures on a network drive and do the cmm computers have the right permissions? Just spit balling......


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      Yes the pictures are on the network and all the computers logins are as administrators. So I don't think that is the issue, but thanks for the idea I hadn't looked until you said something.
      DeWain Hodge


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        The comment still shows up and just does not contain the imported media? Kinda does sound like its a permissions issue but with the program itself on the network. I know you can restrict programs rights maybe for some reason something is different on the policies put in place on those PCs.


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          I don't know if PC-DMIS already does, but you could try right clicking the application and selecting "Run as Administrator". If it gives you trouble I'd try moving the picture into a different directory off the network drive and giving it the new file path.


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            I don't recall the pictures needing to be saved anywhere besides in the program, as far as I know it's embedded after added. Having said that I recall that there was a bug in one of the versions where pictures were not being properly embedded. Are you at least running the latest service pack for the version you're on?

            EDIT: I found this gem, https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc...sappear-2015-0

            I would at least update the service pack you're on, I'm going to take a peek at that JIRA and see what versions it was resolved in.
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              I always set the pictures to "Display as Icons" and have never tried to link them because... links tend to fail when some IT person decides to change or modify network properties or sharing capabilities.
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                Did you recall pictures from a location on the network using an EXTERNALCOMMAND? Or did you embed the pictures into the actual comment? I've had problems with recalling pictures but never with embedded ones. I'm using 2015.1


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