Cone vectors ACTL and THEO flipped

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  • Cone vectors ACTL and THEO flipped

    I have a part that some cones are not actually cones on the CAD, so I forced them to be cones, and it measures them as I want. However, for 3 of the 4, even though I set the theo to 0,0,1 in the autocone dialog box, the measured value comes up as 0,0.-1 (rounded). If anyone knows why, and can explain it to me i'd love to know. even better yet, a way to fix it would be great. TIA!


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    Vector of the cone is always pointing from the apex to the larger end, if this direction of your cones is Z- than doesn't matter how you measure them, vector will be 0,0,-1.


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      Basically this

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      So even though the physical cone on the part is tapering in toward the part, pcdmis is projecting it as though it were reversed, and I can't fix this?

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