Using Form To Choose Whether or not to report data

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  • Using Form To Choose Whether or not to report data

    We currently have a form for our programs that lets us choose machine/shift and it reports out to the excel report that is created. How would I go about adding another section to the form to give the operator the option of whether or not to actually create that excel report. For some of our startups and changeovers we do not want the data reported because that excel file is used in SPC data collection.

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    If/'stuff'><value Goto= skip_excel

    Excel report commands


    Or you make it an input comment for Yes/No and condition your reporting on the answer with similar If/goto practice above..? HTH


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      You can edit the form and put an if then statement in the program. For how you want to use it:
      This Tech Tip from CMMXYZ will demonstrate the basics of creating a Form in PC-DMIS. In the example shown in this video, a checklist type Form is created that will enable or disable execution options.


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        I was able to figure out how to utilize the form and the IF statement, but I am unsure what piece of code to put in the if statement to get it not to create the excel report.


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            Originally posted by Martijn View Post

            I was able to use this correctly, however I have an issue. It is working and creating the excel report that I need, but for some reason when I add in this code, it erases the pdf report at the end of the program, so when it prompts us to save the pdf report (which we also need) it doesn't have anything to save. I tried having the code trigger the pdf report as well, and I tried having it perform the printing with the settings outside the code but both times it erased all the dimensions on the pdf. Any ideas?


            • Martijn
              Martijn commented
              Editing a comment
              Sorry, can't find anything to help you on this one

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