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  • inspecting a forging

    Hi all,

    I'm checking a forging and engineering wants to make sure there's enough material. I have a forging blue print and a forging model.. my question is couldn't I take a bunch of points, construct a feature set, and report profile of a surface to make sure there's + material ?

    Hope this makes sense.
    Thank you

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    The concept is something you could definitely build upon. Do you have clearly defined datums on the uncut forging? I feel getting alignment to the machined CAD on a forging would be a decent challenge, before you can assess the T value of points, to confirm if the whole forging is + material.

    After getting alignment down (probably will need to do a best-fit)
    I would think if you took a series of points on the final machined part CAD with ample prehit/retract, to account for the + material of the forging,
    then reporting max/min T value of the feature set... as long as there isn't a negative T value your forging is + material.


    • jozey
      jozey commented
      Editing a comment
      Unfortunately the print has no datum's. I aligned the part using iterative which seems to work, I can now select features on the CAD and the machine knows where it is. I like your idea of using the final machined part CAD and will see what engineering thinks. Thank you!

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    Have the part 3D scanned..


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