Measuring draft on a casting / Is this correct?

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  • Measuring draft on a casting / Is this correct?


    If anyone has a minute, I'd like to verify that I'm measuring the draft of this cast flywheel slot correctly.

    I basically stripped down an existing program that measured the runout of the same part & added some hits in to construct 3 lines. One for the 'left' side of the slot, one for the middle 'magnet slot' and one for the 'right' side. I have attached some drawings and the program code to help clarify what I'm asking. I didn't strip the existing program all the way down to bare bones so there are some features in the code that have no relevance to measuring draft....I was in a hurry and figured I'd clean it up later. I'd just like to know if I'm measuring the draft correctly first. If you have any questions or if I need to clarify anything, just let know.

    draft.JPGnote.JPGcode.docx graphdisplay1.jpgreport1.jpg

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    i would evaluate to z-axis personaly, with 1° as nominal.
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      Originally posted by mb0258 View Post
      i would evaluate to z-axis personaly, with 0 as nominal.
      This. Also you need to make sure you evaluate in the correct workplane for the Mag slot (that's the reason it's different from the two side slots).

      Your nominal should be 2°±1° (v's the Z axis) or 88° (or 92) ±1°
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        I might be missing something here, but shouldn't it be toleranced at 1 degree +0/-1 since the feature calls out 1 degree max?


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          Sorry you're quite right, I was looking at the text not the highlighted part of the drawing.

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