Issue with mapping/qualification after shutdown

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  • Issue with mapping/qualification after shutdown

    We came in today after shut down for 4 days and I am having a weird issue.

    I am attempting to remap my PHS1 renishaw head and when I go to calibrate the 0,0 tip to find the sphere, it measures it....but any other angle I throw at it, it wants to drive somewhere else.

    One wierd thing is when I restart and rehome- after it reaches home I see a WARNING message. No more info....just WARNING.

    In my calibration sphere build dialogue box, there are offsets. I created a new sphere and it still added the offsets. Which appear to be about where the probe is driving towards.

    Never had this issue before. Any ideas? Ive re-homed-restarted...all that stuff.

    Resetting theos on the tips gives me an error message.

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    Depends on the controller, can you go in Edit / CMM setup / terminal, then type "status" ?


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      So I have attached the status of the controller from terminal.

      This is weird. All my probes have an asterisk next to them. Even when I calibrate my 0,0 it still has an asterisk next to it. Like its not remembering what Ive done.

      Plus all my wrist angles have the same date and time that my 0,0 was calibrated at....but they were not touched.

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        The asterisk means that the tips are not calibrated, like when you perform a lower matrix on a scanning head.
        In the terminal, you can also type "show volcomp", it should be 1.
        If an error appears on the terminal, then type "CTRL E C B" (ECB during CTRL pressed)


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          I actually got somewhere with this. I unchecked "use wrist map if available" and hit OK to the warning. Then I checked it again and said OK to the warning.
          This reset the tips and I was able to proceed to map.

          However, when I pull up the terminal like you suggested, after I mapped. The volcomp says 2.

          Is this an issue?


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            I only knew 0 and 1... Maybe the cmm has 2 arms ?


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              Yes, its a horizontal arm CMM with a main and slave arm. They are not connected though....and I just checked the other station and its showing 2 as well.


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                I was thinking about a loosed volcomp, it seems that the problem isn't there...
                But if you can map the PHS, it's ok... until the next bug
                Sorry, I can't help more...


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                    Delete your map, uncheck use map, reset tips, close probe window and save data, close PC-DMIS, manually delete map files, restart PC-DMIS, check use map, remap.

                    (Edit: So the PHS head cannot be shut off and powered down or you lose the home position and the head needs to be remapped and this is because Renishaw uses a limit switch instead of a home pulse so when you power down the map origin is lost. This is supposed to be prevented by having a battery backup inside the cabinet for the wrist itself. Over time these can be removed by aftermarket companies because they don't understand it's function or they can die too. Alternately which I think is the case for you, you powered down your controller over the weekend and the UPS battery died and corrupted your map which is why you can't find the sphere. The "Warning!" notification is supposed to be changed when PC-DMIS is setup by someone who understands the function of the PHS head and why this "PHSBatteryCheckWarning" error is used for. The warning should be changed to something like "The PHS has lost power and it is required that you remap the head" or something on those lines. )
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