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    Optiv 443 Duel Z. My camera hit the Z+ limit. How do I get it off?

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    I don't know about optiv, but you should have a file like "constant.dat" that define the software limits lower than hardware limits (something like PSWLIM and MSWLIM).
    In your case, the software limit is certainly highr than the hardware limit.
    If you can't change those values by yourself (right access), you will have to call Hexagon.


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      Jefman has the more permanent solution.

      But if you need to get it going right away, you'll have to pop off the cover and unscrew the limit switch to "unlock" it so you can move it down. Just remember to make some marks so you can put the switch back to the same spot!


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        Are you able to turn on Manual Backstep (right click the beating heart>manual backstep) and get it to move?

        Otherwise, there was an expert in here a few years ago that experienced the same problem on our Optiv 443.
        He just sort of pulled really hard until it moved... I don't know if this is recommended, but it didn't hurt anything


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