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    Is there a way to take files from inventor 2019 and open them up in pc-dmis 2017 r1 and be able to use layers ?

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    not sure about how layers apply within inventer, but with a STEP file, defined subcomponents can be selected, hidden from view, or have custom visualization settings changed to them (color, transparency, etc).


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      Try saving it as a step (.STP or .STEP) or an iges (.IGS or .IGES) file and then import that into PC-DMIS.


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        Right now we save as a parasolid and open it up in keycreator. From there we create our layers and export it in IGES file to our cmm. We create two layers, one with the fixture and the second with just the customer part. We are trying to find a way we can do this faster and hopefully in one program.


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          Does the version of Inventor supported by 2017R1 support layers? If so, can the 2019 file be back saved to Inventor 2016?
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            We are using inventor 2019 to design. We save as parasolid from that and open that up in keycreator. In Keycreator we create the layers we need and export it in iges file to our cmm. We do not have inventor 16.


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