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  • Inserting Probe File

    Good morning, I am having trouble inserting a probe file from another computer into the one I am using now. Can someone help me with that? Thank you in advance!

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    You need to build a new one. Make sure you add the tooling ball also. The only thing that should show up is the probe name and it will be blank so you just have to build it.
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    • Darrollh
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      Isn't there a way I can import a probe file?

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    IF you are trying to put a probe from one Demon install to another...try this:

    1) COPY the XXXXXX.PRB file from the existing Demon install's Probe folder (find that path)

    2) PASTE the XXXXXX.PRB file into the new home Demon install's Probe folder. (dump it in the probe folder named per the Demon's PATH)

    Then that probe should be good-to-go in the probe list.
    If it's a custom one in usrprobe.dat, then copy/paste that file. usually the path to that is:
    C:\ProgramData\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\20XX Rx\usrprobe.dat
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    • Darrollh
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      Ok, I have to set the search path for this computer. I think that's my problem.

    • sealevel
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      yeah... maybe that's all it is. (but a pretty important one!)

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