Trying to qualify a Renishaw 14mm ceramic disk, DCC qual causes an error

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  • Trying to qualify a Renishaw 14mm ceramic disk, DCC qual causes an error

    ***Solved: The probe file that Hexagon sent me had a serious error - The disk diameter was set to "0," so the machine tried to drive straight down into the qual-sphere. Also, as another user mentioned, I needed to set the degrees to +5 and -5 (this may vary slightly depending on diameter and thickness of the disk) and add a few more points. I ended up using 8 total distributed between the two levels near the equator. Be advised; the F1 Help file is NOT accurate regarding the disk probe qual settings. It is inaccurate and missing details about the degrees settings.***

    I have the parameters set up with 5 points and 2 levels, just like PCDMIS instructs me to for disks. I take one point at the "north pole", top of sphere, and let DCC take over. It begins to take the 4 hits on the disk probe, but throws an error just before the 4th hit and says it couldn't find the point within the expected zone.

    This is a probe that Hexagon modeled for me, even though it is a fairly normal probe. It was just not include in the built-in probe list, perhaps because it is Renishaw. They sent me a probebuilder.dat file which I pasted into the correct folder, and it shows up in the 3D preview window as I am creating my probe in the Probe Utilities dialog. Everything is fine until the DCC takes over to qualify it on my sphere.
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    5-points, 2 levels, nope, that is not right for a disk probe, that will only work for a spherical probe. minimum of 2 levels, minimum of 6 hits (3 levels and 17 hits would be better), with the 'up down' start/end angles being +/-5, or +/-10 degrees (depending on how thick the disk is) and you can only DCC calibrate it on a previously located qual-sphere (and in, NO, it hasn't moved). There is no "top" hit for a disk
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    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Thanks for the reply. You are absolutely right, and I ended up having to do what you are suggesting in addition to fixing a mistake by Hexagon when they built my probe file. A heads-up to anyone reading, the F1 Help file *does* say specifically to set it up for 5 hits on 2 levels, and does not mention the degrees for a disk probe. The Help file is definitely incorrect and missing information.

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    Youtube it. Search for Renishaw disk probe
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      This video should help you understand the calibration routine for disc probes:
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