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  • Xact Measure and workplanes

    Morning all

    Just looking for some confirmation When I output a result in xact Measure, do I need to be in the correct work plane?For example, outputting profile of a line. Using legacy dimensions I would have to be in the correct plane as this is a 2d measurement. With xact Measure, does the work plane become irrelevant and in turn doesn't matter the current workplace.

    Thanks in advance.


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    It depends. If the feature control frame locks down all 6 degrees of freedom, then no, the workplane does not matter.
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      2019 has the workplane as a standalone choice in Xact Measure (I believe the older versions has that too) so you can select in which workplane to do the fitting.
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        As I understand it, the *workplane* is irrelevant, but the current alignment plays a role when the datums don't lock all 6 DOF.
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