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    I'm fairly new to PC-DMIS, so my knowledge is limited. I have a program that someone else wrote. and they use a "Read Point" positioned
    just above and centered over the part. What I want is a start alignment using 3 points (X0/Y0/Z0) taken on the fixture (which never moves).
    That way, once the start alignment is established the operator simply loads the part and hits run.How do I do this?


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    If the fixture never moves, write a program that aligns to the fixture then save the alignment as an external alignment. In all your other programs that uses the fixture, recall that external alignment at the beginning and program from there.


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      You stated "recall that external alignment at the beginning and program from there". The program is already written, and uses the read point as the starting point. If I create a new start alignment on the fixture prior to the CNC part alignment, how does PCD know the XYZ offsets from the part alignment to my start alignment?

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      Only problem with this is if you open that program on a different pc or rerun the initial alignment it will throw out all your dimensions referenced to your datum as it recall the the new alignment. Then you have to manually update all results again to get the correct result. For that reason I tend to avoid locally saved alignments.

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      panelbeater1 Sounds like someone answered YES to one of the warnings about the alignment being changed. Check your warnings under the F5 menu. Answering NO will avoid this issue.

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    You have to tell it.

    Assume your xyz 0 is on the front bottom left of your fixture. you need to define the xyz offset

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      A different issue with this same program. The program uses a "Read Point" for the XYZ=0 start alignment. This is the probe positioned at X0/Y0/Z+.1 above the part. I ran the program Saturday, it ran fine. I come in today, and position the probe in the same spot. This time the stylus are probing in space above the part and I can hear the audible beep, as if the points were actually being probed on the part?
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        Whenever something like that happens to me I restart the CMM and PCDMIS then recalibrate my probes.
        Can't help with the first issue I'm afraid.


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