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    Sorry as earlier post regarding missing dropdown menu I have now attached the image .Again as this has only happened after the cmm pc upgrade .To add more information our cmm service engineer (status metrology) have also tried to fix issue with no avail. What I did notice if I clicked on a random area on the blue drop down area the probe angle would change. It is like the background and font are the same colour.
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    Have you checked in here??? Edit / Preferences / Edit Window color.
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      Yes I've tried that but still nothing thanks.


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        What kind of video card? If you have integrated on chip and discrete one, is the discrete one specified as the choice in win 10? It might have defaulted to the chip one. Maybe the gfx drivers as well could be a issue.


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          Yeah I'd agree this is a graphics, system or install issue rather than a setting. I assume you've done a shutdown & restart since starting PC-Dmis?

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            Doublecheck the search paths (especiallythe probe path) as well.
            PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP3


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              Thanks for all your help.It turns out the issue was with the graphics card and how it has been installed and also the licence as well.The graphics card has now been updated and the installation has had to be done before any other programs I.e Microsoft office , solidworks etc. The licence issue was our licence had expired and when we tried to install back on it wouldnt work as it was trying to install with all the latest updates .So had to install pc dimis 2017 R2 without any package and work through each update in till the date our license ran too.There is something good that has come from this as this has caused such headache my boss has agreed that we need to keep all licence up to date and not penny pinch but also we are getting the 2019 upgrade aswell.again thanks for all your help


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