analysis picture of undersize diameter

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  • analysis picture of undersize diameter

    Is there a way to show a picture of the areas of a diameter that is undersized
    2013 MRI
    B&S DEA Ghibli & Global

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    Measure the circle with as many points as you can (or scan it with slow speed and high point density)
    Create a Circularity dimension of the circle with same tolerance as diameter.
    For 1-time deal, just take a screenshot.
    For an ongoing multi-part project, create an Analysis View and stick it into the report.


    • BKulpa
      BKulpa commented
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      Circularity is 1/2 of the diameter tolerance.
      If you have ±0.010 then the circularity tolerance is 0.010, that is the width of the band on each side of the feature.

    • Schlag
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      How does this work ? Can you please show your work on the math for this one.

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