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  • Marked Set Icon 2019 R1

    Hi all!!
    I have been using PC-DMIS for a couple of years now. Last year they sent the 2018 R1 when we renewed our license. When I installed it, there was no longer a marked set icon on the toolbar ( which we use for every part we run). So I kept using my 2017 version. I just received the 2019 R1 and installed it and of course the marked set icon isn't an option the best I can tell.
    I don't want to keep using the 2017 version forever. Is there a way to add the marked set icon to the toolbar or do I have to go through the edit menu every time?

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    Right click on a toolbar and go to Customize. Then go to the toolbars tab. Under the toolbar definition Select the toolbar you want to customize. Then Under available items find the button you want to add to it and click add. You can use the up and down arrows to change the order of the icons on the toolbar


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      Thanks!! Worked perfectly.


      • Mike Ruff
        Mike Ruff commented
        Editing a comment
        Glad I could help!

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      It might be better to not modify the existing toolbars, but add a new one and put the button there. The standard toolbars will probably be overwritten when you apply the next service pack (SP).
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