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  • Pause between taking hits

    I'm running a Global S Green. We use Touch Trigger and when I'm running the program there is a Giant pause in-between the hits on the core. I ran the same program previously and this program has not done this in the past. I have Fly mode on, so I don't get why the cmm is doing this? Nothing has changed in the program.

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    On my QUINDOS machines after going from V6 to V7, there is now a 3-5 second delay from when the wrist rotates to when the CMM starts moving again. Did you update your software recently?


    • SI_GUY_29
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      Not that I'm aware of. I have an alignment that I run prior to the core. My alignment runs smooth in my marked sets, but when I go to inspect the core through my marked sets window. It does a 2-3 second pause in-between hits.

    • measurestuff413
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      You could be lagging a bit if the program you're running is on a network location and not on your C Drive...Sorry thats all i've got

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    ISSUE RESOLVED! Don't know what caused my program to do this, but I re-loaded the program from my backup drive. Everything is running fine now.


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