Building a New Calibration Sphere

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  • Building a New Calibration Sphere

    I'd like to build a new calibration sphere for using smaller diameter sytli. I have a 5mm sphere mounted at 45 degrees on a base. I know my two position vectors will be .707 based off how it's orientated on the table. How do I figure out my x,y and z location for the new sphere. Do I measure it to get close? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You don't worry about the origin, only the vector. When you calibrate with YES the sphere has moved, it generates the xyz.


    • Tinyfxds
      Tinyfxds commented
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      Ok. So the only information I enter in the parameters page is the vector and the name and the rest if needed will be filled in during the initial calibration?

    • Sora5
      Sora5 commented
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      Your new sphere needs shank vector ijk and diameter.

    • InspectorJester
      InspectorJester commented
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      I second that information

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