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    Good morning,
    I have started the machine this morning and I am getting a TCP/IP communication failure. Switch to RS-232? What does that mean and how to fix it?

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    I've had that happen before, I just shut down the cmm, shut down the controllers, and shut down pcdmis. Then turned the controllers back on, then the cmm, let the cmm boot up, then opened pcdmis and all was fine. Not saying it will solve your issue, but it worked for me.


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      Beat it with a hammer.


      Reboot everything, Make sure the machine is started up and machine start button is on before opening DMIS.
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        This happened to me when either the PI200 box (TP200 system) got unplugged, the controller wasn't plugged in, or my connection settings were not correct (incorrect IP address, because for whatever reason this machine required that)


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          Awesome! Did a reboot of the system and everything is running now. Thank you everyone.


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            Originally posted by Darrollh View Post
            Awesome! Did a reboot of the system and everything is running now. Thank you everyone.
            Make the reboot your auto move when ever you get an error. Always write down he error first.
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