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  • Mirror Program CAD error

    I have a program and once I mirror it the program mirrors properly but the CAD doesn't follow into the new program. It seems to only work sometimes. Am I doing something wrong to cause this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have used the mirror function hundreds of time. Never had this issue. It was quite common to import a new CAD because the part may be a mirror but it will have 1 more / less features sometimes. The only thing I have ever had go wonky was a few clearplanes. I have never had an alignment of feature fail. If I mirrored a program that was proven and ran a 1000x, I would still treat it like a new program and double check my pathlines and collision detection without exception.


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      Thanks for the info.

      I have no issue with the actual program or anything just dint know why the CAD was having the issue. I usually just bring the CAD back in but sometimes that can get annoying.

      Thanks again.


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