According to print specifications should I use datum shift?

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  • According to print specifications should I use datum shift?

    Should Datum shift be enabled according to the print also how do I display the X and Y tolerance on the report for the position dimensions.
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    No datum shift. No bonus on size. Your FCF (Feature Control Frame) does not have MMC modifier affixed to the datums or the part.
    You can display X/Y variation from basic if you (and your organization/customer) see fit, I do it as a report comment, so no dimensions are presented to apply to the basics.


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    As long as your nominal value for the pin holes match the X and Y BASIC dimensions on the print, and your datums are defined, setup, and referenced properly, it's accurate.
    --Double check on a rock with an indicator, or put part on a comparator if you don't trust the results.


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      Need to know where to manually correct your nominals? read what I suggested to you the other day. I mean, you can do it in summary mode, it's just buried.

      one last thing. switch your edit window layout from "Summary mode" to "Command Mode" now (at bottom of "View" dropdown), and stick with learning in command mode. It is just so much easier to read and understand.


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