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  • 2019r1 sp1

    here :

    Release Notes
    - 2019 R1
    •PCD-149791 -Updated to release version 2.2 of Edge Client.
    •PCD-150803 -Fixed an issue where the dimension color scale
    Show colors in two directionsoption was automatically marked for pointcloud colormaps:
    •When you enter a +Tol and zero in -Tol in the colormap dialog box,the
    Show colors in two directions
    option is cleared in the Dimension Color Scale. The scale shows the colors from 0 to the +Tol value.
    •When you enter a positive and negative tolerance in the colormap
    dialog box, the dimension color scale shows in two directions. This is
    because you entered the tolerances in two directions.
    •PCD-151095 -Fixed an issue where if you switched the Part Model off and then on didn't allow surface selection.
    •PCD-152217 -Fixed an installation issue on Spanish or Korean language operating system.
    •PCD-153261 -Fixed a crash that occurred when a Laser pointcloud scan was simulated offline after editing it.
    •PCD-154084 -Fixed an issue where the selection of the Pointcloud Colormap didn't remember the Use Dimension Color Scale
    •PCD-157396 -Fixed an issue where incorrect conversion happened in the Laser feature dialog boxes. This used to happen when you inserted standard deviation multiplier values for measurement routines in the Inch unit.
    •PCD-158633 and PCD-151911 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS prevented the polar coordinate axis from appearing in the summary label of the Xact Measure position.
    •PCD-158864 -Fixed an issue for the "with feature creation" safe move option that created incorrect commands in the routine.
    •PCD-158909 -Added support for Protect to work with borrow license when you run outside the company domain or without a network connection.
    •PCD-159819 -Improved the performance to create surface scans.
    •PCD-159853 -Fixed an issue where Q
    -DAS Configurator failed to launch the HTML Help file.
    •PCD-159984 -Fixed an issue where Auto Insert moves altered hit targets.
    •PCD-160165 -Added an OCR blueprint of the demo block to facilitate
    demonstration and training for the new GD&T OCR feature.
    •PCD-160190 -Fixed an issue for loading a VISI WXF model where all the points were not imported properly.
    •PCD-160482 -Fixed an issue where the calibration tool moved and
    performed a manual measurement, the collision detection incorrectly
    reported a collision that didn't exist.
    •PCD-160715 -Fixed an issue where if you read the CMM limits to avoid collisions during the probe calibration, the offline machine was used. The CMM limits now correctly read from the on line machine also.
    •PCD-160894 -Fixed an issue where Vision Auto Features, such as circles and lines with manual targets, had the crosshair shrink and disappear as the rotary angle went to 90 degrees.
    •PCD-160933 -Fixed an issue where the colormap selection combo box on the Pointcloud and Quickcloud toolbars was not displayed properly.
    •PCD-160961 - Added the ability to immediately free diagnostic images. The DiagnosticsAutoFreeregistry entry in the PC-DMIS Settings Editor application enables you to immediately delete Vision diagnostic images in PC-DMIS memory after a feature is executed. If the registry entry is set to TRUE, the diagnostic image will not appear on the Vision Diagnostics tab in the Probe Toolbox. This setting can dramatically reduce the memory usage when the DiagnosticsAutoExport registry entry is set to TRUE.
    •PCD-160976 -Fixed an issue where the template match code was not
    working with the machines that have a rotary table.

    •PCD-161128 -PC-DMIS Help file now provides a link to the "Important Notes" and "Append Mode" topics from the parent topic for the Excel Form Report.
    •PCD-161632 -Fixed an issue where you couldn't uninstall PC-DMIS 2019 R1 from Universal Updater.
    •PCD-161655 -Fixed an issue where if you pressed the stop button after a collision on arm2, it was not possible to continue the execution.
    •PCD-162220 -Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS was offline and the Set
    Machine Interface menu option was grayed out. This used to happen when you used the AllPortable license option that didn't allow the selection of the portable interface.
    •PCD-162271 -Fixed the Catia V5 DCI version in the PC-DMIS Readme.
    •PCD-162469 -Fixed an issue where I++ server didn't report the X and I values for PtMeas.
    •Changes were made to improve the user experience based on feedback collected from recent releases.

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    As usual, there's also the ftp !!!!


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      Originally posted by JEFMAN View Post
      •Changes were made to improve the user experience based on feedback collected from recent releases.
      This my favourite one!

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      • BClear
        BClear commented
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        I still can't even find the stop sign

      • Michael R
        Michael R commented
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        Any word on reverting to legacy icons yet? I am still using 2017 R1 even though I have 2020 only because the new icons slow me down.

      • Trevor McLaughlin
        Trevor McLaughlin commented
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        I too prefer the old icon style and colours, but from what I've heard, it's unlikely they will offer the option to revert to these legacy icons.

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      How about Auto Wrist Angle Toggle?
      sigpicSummer Time. Gotta Love it!


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        Help files are only swedish, spanish, turkish and chinese
        I suspect AndersI and vpt.se to be very influential


        • JaredHess
          JaredHess commented
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          Hi JEFMAN, I'm not sure why only those 4 language packs were built for SP1. I'll ask about. In any case, the non-English Help files haven't changed since the 2019.1 initial release. Those are still available from ftp://ftp.wilcoxassoc.com/PC-DMIS-Ve...ease/x64/Lang/.

        • vpt.se
          vpt.se commented
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          Well, the 2019 R1 helpfilepack and the 2019 R1 SP1 helpfilepack are identical, so like JaredHess states, don't know why they were released...

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        Are you liking 2019 better than 2018? Any specific reasons to update?
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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          Originally posted by Schrocknroll View Post
          Are you liking 2019 better than 2018? Any specific reasons to update?
          GD&T begin to be close to ISO defintions of datums


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            a bunch of these are redundant to 2018R1 SP7, which is appeasing


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