Running External Python Script?

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  • Running External Python Script?

    Anyone know how to get PCDMIS to run a python script?
    I've got one that compounds multiple CSV file results into a single excel sheet. Saves me lots of time, and would like the program to run it automatically when prompted.
    I was hoping an external command would do it, but it says it does not recognize the file.
    I'm illiterate in BASIC. Anyone help me out? I'd prefer to not learn a new language and re-write my script.

    Much Obliged,

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    Could that help ?


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      I'll give option 1 a crack once i'm done with lunch.

      in link 2 there is a reference to a COMM interface. Any idea what that is, i cannot find anything in my help files.


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        So i did some bobbing around in PCDMIS and found the command "external object"
        This allows PCDMIS to pull up the script and interpreter by selecting the file, it cannot automatically execute it (right now). But its in the ballpark of what i was looking for.


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