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  • True Position report info

    Hello, first post. I'm still a newb to CMM and hoping someone can help me out. I am trying to enter true position info for my report and I think I have my control frame correct with datums and control frame info as it is on the print. My problem is my report has measured and nominal results the same. I am sure I am leaving out a step. I attached a link to the post hoping someone can show me what I am leaving out. Basically what is the step after I fill out the control frame info. Thanks

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    Did you run the part? If not, the measured and nominals will be the same. In addition, you have all three axis' selected for the features. Is this correct to the print? I rarely see a three axis true position, however, believe it or not I have two parts I am working on that require a 3 axis TP. If you go into the Advanced tab, you can select which axis to report, adjust tolerances on the features being measured, and other reporting enhancements.


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