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    I did a quick search for this topic and didn't come up with any results, so figured I'd post and see what I can find. Is there a way to report a feature as a reference dimension in PC-DMIS? I want to be able to track certain data or results, but don't want them to show pass or fail, and don't want a tolerance assigned, just a reported value.
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    Insert -> Parameter change -> Dimensions -> Dimension format

    This will add a line of code that you can F9 and check the boxes of whatever columns you want in the order you click them. This will apply to all following dimensions until you add a new format.


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      Yes. Before reporting the dimension, press F10 and uncheck everything that you don't want (tolerance, max min, etc). Then report the dimension. You will want to assign a high tolerance in the feature box to keep the reference dimension from showing up red on the report.
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        If you are wanting the dimensions in the program but not in the report, change your report output to "none" on said dimensions.
        From this:
        OUTPUT=BOTH or
        OUTPUT=STATS or
        To this: OUTPUT=NONE
        EDIT: Disregard this. Didn't see that you want it reported with no tolerance. As was said above, you can insert a report format command before the dimension turning the tolerance off then set the tolerance big enough that it shows good. After the reference dimensions, insert another report format command setting the report format back to where it normally is.
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          Just know that there is always a tolerance for any dimension. You are just showing or /not showing it.


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            You can also add the dimension as a comment. If it is directly from a feature, like a diameter, use this:
            This will add the diameter of CIR1 to the report as a comment.

            If you need a dimension, like a distance between features, set the output to NONE and then use something like this:
            This will add distance DIST1 to the report as a comment.

            You can add whatever text you want as another report comment or another line of the comment. You can't add it directly to the same line as the dimension without using variables like this:
                        ASSIGN/V1="CHAR 1 = "+DIST1.M.MEAS
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