Upgrading from lap-top to desk top

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  • Upgrading from lap-top to desk top

    Have a dell lap-top running on windows xp and pc-dmis 2010. Operating sys is not supported by ms anymore. Want to upgrade to a desk top with widows 7. I have the original pc-dmis installation disc and want to install on the desk top computer. My last license agreement expired in 2011. How do i re-install pc-dmis with port lock date at 2011???

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    Your license is on a HASP or a CLM ?
    If it's a HASP, just find the driver ( here : ftp://ftp.wilcoxassoc.com/Licensing/HASP/ ?), then install the version.
    You can install any version / MR deployed before the date of the end of the license.

    With the CLM, you have to return the license of the old PC, then download the new one (follow the clm manual)
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    • bcotter@bannermetalcraft.
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      Thanks...thats good to know. I went to the web site and there is a down load "hasp_software_key_installer.exe" i presume this is first installed on the new desk top system. Waiting for our it guy to come in and proceed. I have pc-dmis 2010 and 2011 installation disc's one for each of the romer arms we have. Does wilcox web site have other versions of pc-dmis that might be with in the port lock expiration date??
      Thanks will give it a try.
      Fyi. Asked hexagon for a software update quote. They came back with the low price of $7,826.00 per romer arm to upgrade to pc-dmis 2019. I think they are smoking things they should not be smoking. Ha ha

    • Trevor McLaughlin
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      FYI: Hexagon introduced LMS licencing in 2013

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    That's a Hexagon question. They have to do that.


    • Darrollh
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    If its valid for 2011 for the love of all that it is sane , do not go back to 2010 MR anything !! Go to 2011


    • Darrollh
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      Was it that bad!??

    • Schlag
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      Just when you think it couldn't get any worse.... it would. Every time. Constant crashing and then unrecoverable prgs. I hit ctl-s and did a save as every 5 minutes when I working on a program. It was horrendous.

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    2011 release date : 04/11/2011 (april)
    2011 MR1 release date : 10/12/2011 (october)

    I just add the month to ensure that the date is on the US format



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      I'd be running 2009 MR1 with a portlock dated like far back.

      So unlucky it doesn't stretch to 2012MR1 (I still use that mainly) and that was the first really good version after the switch from 3.7
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      • Roberto
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        2009MR2 is the version I run. Our SMA has been expired for 8 years.

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      I heard Steve had a real love for 2010 versions. Is this true?


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