Constructing a High Plane using a Plane

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  • Constructing a High Plane using a Plane

    Currently am running PC-DMIS CAD++ 2016.0. I have probed a plane but would like to construct a plane based on the high points; as if it was sitting on a slab of granite. Only thing I can find is things in PC-DMIS 2018, or the High Points function while constructing, which gives me an error. This would help a lot with my alignments and would like to know what methods I could use to get it to work.

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    I think you can construct a feature set with the plane hits, (PL1.HIT[1..PL1.NUMHITS]), then construct a high point plane on it.


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      The old High Point Plane creates a plane from the three highest points of another plane (or set), but doesn't guarantee that all the other hits are on the same side of the constructed plane - this can result in quite some surprises.

      You can try a Translated Plane, Maximum Deviation instead, although I'm not certain it really calculates what we expect it to do - I haven't used it since Tangent Plane came in 2017.

      But I think the easiest way is to do an alignment on the (least squares) plane and then locate the highest point, create a new plane parallell to the original through the found high point. Desktop code (untested):

      - measure plane PLN1
      - align primary Z on PLN1
      - construct PLN2 // PLN1, through PLN1.HIT[HIGH_PT]
      SW support - Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB


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        Thank you for the responses! I'm still slightly confused. Andersl, After aligning to the least squares PLN1, how would I find the high point then create a parallel plane to that. Wouldn't that just create a plane perfectly parallel but as high as the highest point of PLN1?


        • AndersI
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          Yes, that's exactly what it does. Not *exactly* the same as an "optimized tangent plane", but at least *a* tangent plane.

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        If you level and origin Z on PLN1, then ASSIGN/V1=MAXINDEX(PLN1.HIT[1..PLN1.NUMHITS].Z).
        Create a gneneric point with PLN1.HIT[V1].XYZ and then create a plane // to PLN1 through this point.
        You can also create a generic plane with PLN1.HIT[V1].XYZ and <0,0,1> as vector.


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          You can also trying to use this Excel file, enter the XYZ values of hits of PLN1, and create a generic plane with values in the green box (you have to use solver and vba to make it work) - (it's the minimax tangent plane in versions after 2017 - I didn't find enough time to calculate the L2 constraint yet )


          • AndersI
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            The math professor strikes again! Thanks!

          • JEFMAN
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            AndersI :
            I only calculate like this to :
            1 - check PC-DMIS results,
            2 - enhance the soft when something is missing...

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