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  • New 2019 R1 update (?)

    AFAIK... build #288 is the real-deal for 'released' 2019 R1.
    But I got build #294 now installed. Somehow popped up as a notice in HexUniUpdater, but only on one of my computers.
    Is Hexagon treating me as king customer? Am allowed to be first in line? OR...... more likely....that someone at Hex goofed again and accidently slip out a pre-release. (see below)

    Even if this isn't not-ready-for-prime-time, and has no notes on what (if anything) got fixed or came with new undocumented enhancements, it's always lots o' fun to play with new toys in my Demon playpen....

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    I'm going to go with: You're King sealevel ! Hail hail!!!


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      Barry, I just can't stop thinking that Hexagon gave a nice present..... just before April 1st is actually here.......



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        Be carefull, sealevel , here, we often call France as Hexagone... And one of our last king had very hard problems with his head...
        (it's very funny when journalists talk about the "four corners of the hexagon" !!!!!!!)
        But I agree with bfire85 , you're the King !


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          You are correct, #288 is the official and only release of 2019 R1. There are no service packs yet.

          That said, we are working on Service Pack 1 (along with continued service packs for other supported versions). As with any supported product, we implement fixes and test them in these un-released builds, such as #294 in this case. It does have a few fixes beyond #288 but not many. There was a glitch in the Universal Updater which exposed these non-released builds to the general public, and it was quickly repaired. There is very little risk in you continuing with #294, though it would be preferable to roll back to the release #288, but that is your choice. One example of a potential risk is that I cannot be sure that the crash symbols were stored for #294 so we would not likely be able to diagnose it if it did crash for you. Anyway, as I said, we are already working on SP1 and soon this will be a moot point.


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