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  • new prog start defaults

    hey again....just curious if anyone knows how to ad the move speed, pre-hit retract settings etc. to defaults when start a new prog.....

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    Its all in insert.... or hit enter and start typing. Add all that but only 1 x. Get it set 100% how you want it, then save this as a "generic prg" and as a read only. Then every time you need to start a new program you open and save as. Away you go...


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      ahhh ty


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        I do what Schlag does but I have it saved as Template Program. I also use read points to start a lot of programs instead of manually taking hits so I also have a Read Point Alignment Template Program that already has the read point (at the origin) and the read point alignment done. All I have to do is import the CAD and start creating features.


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          PC-DMIS has some default settings already there.

          if you want to change them, hit F10 > make whatever changes you want to make > click "DEFAULTS"

          this will now set those changes as the new default settings.


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            Settings Editor, If you have Administrative Rights
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