probing a pin to measure a hole diameter

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  • probing a pin to measure a hole diameter

    Can PCDMIS print out true position of a hole when I use a pin in the hole to probe. I need the result for MMC with associated bonus.

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    ...but why not probe the hole?

    I believe MMC is implied, if you're using the best fit pin. Did you try doing a TP? Are you asking how to do that?


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      The pin mustn't have any gap, must be perfecly aligned, mustn't flex... and the result will be a max inscribed diameter if the pin is a perfect cylinder. You will have to project the pin center at the hole depth along the pin axis.
      InspectorJester is right, why don't you measure the hole ?


      • vlmitkov
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        I had a situation like that - i had to measure two holes using pins because the head we had a the time did not have the appropriate angle option to measure the holes. At some point the management decided to buy a new head so we got the Tesa HH-AS8-T2.5 and ditched the pins.
        Probably something similar is happening at 57shripm's work place.

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